Design Competition of Architectural idea for Makeshift Hospitals under Covid-19 pandemic in Viet Nam.

The Viet Nam Association of Architects (VAA) organizes a Competition to design architectural ideas for Makeshift Hospitals. The competition aims to promote architects’ creative ideas in the design of makeshift hospitals ready to cope with the complex evolutions of the infectious disease, to meet the functions required by the Ministry of Health for medical examination and treatment. Also, the ideas should be able to deploy quickly when required, to ensure safety, economical and in compliance with regulations.

The Awarded Ceremony combined with a Conference on topic “Design solutions for modern hospitals” held last July 08th in the very new building of the Central Military Hospital 108 in Hanoi. The conference is held together by VAA and The Ministry of Health.

Winning projects:

SP001 – Nguyen Van Thuan, Truong Tan Duy

HD401 – Nguyen Lam Phuong

HU105 – Nguyen Dang Hai

PP224 – Nguyen Quoc Doan

TT005 – CDCC Company

VI123 – Viện Quy hoạch đô thị và nông thôn Quốc gia

SE156 – Doan Thanh Ha /H&P Architects

TT060 – CTCP Kiến trúc Xây dựng TTA Partners

Winning projects by the community:

HU105 – Nguyen Dang Hai

VL258 – Cubic